Our first publication!

Our first publication is (dis/re)membered by James Knight.

(dis/re)membered explores the relationship between a growing, ageing body and the spaces it inhabits. Themes such as time, metamorphsosis and memory (and its lapses) are played out over 42 visual poems that could be considered parts of one vibrantly colourful narrative.

Visual poet Richard Biddle generously wrote an afterword for the book. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Imagine a library of self-help tomes, lifestyle magazines and science journals, jammed into a liquidiser with several pints of the author’s own blood, seasoned with wit and cynicism and you have James Knight’s epic poem…

The book is available from Amazon.

Anthology: call for submissions

Our first publishing venture is a print anthology of apocalyptic visual poetry, which will be published in January 2021.

Submission guidelines

Please email up to four visual poems to James Knight at steelincisors@gmail.com. Please make sure your work connects strongly with the theme of the apocalypse, and displays the daring, imagination and technical skill we are looking for.

Each visual poem should be a high resolution PNG or JPEG.

We welcome work in colour.

The file name of each piece should be the title.

Please write a brief cover letter, including the following:

• The title of each piece

• The materials used to make each piece (e.g. tablet computer, printed materials, acrylic paint, etc)

• A brief explanation of your thinking behind each of your visual poems (no more than 30 words per piece).

• A brief author bio, in the third person.

Deadline for submissions is 30 November 2020, after which poets will be contacted regarding the status of their submissions.

The anthology will be published in January 2021, through a print-on-demand service. The purchase price will cover printing costs only, so no profit will be made and no author royalties generated. I’m doing it this way because I want to make the anthology as affordable as possible; given the economic consequences of Covid-19 and Brexit, affordability is an issue the publishing world cannot ignore. I am afraid that I am unable to offer free copies of the anthology to the poets whose work is included in it, but they can of course purchase it at cost price. I really want people to get involved in this project out of love for visual poetry and a desire to create dangerous, exciting work, rather than a desire for remuneration.

– James Knight, August 2020